100% Pure

100% Pure

Get your skin ready for the winter with 100% Pure potent creations

Take a health step and get your skin ready for the cold weather. 

We have some products to share with you to help you achieve just that.

Susie Wang, the founder extraordinaire of 100% Pure is at it again. Her line of products is fast becoming one of the best organic yet affordable skin care on the market today.

Three of her latest creations, we feel will help drench your parched skin.

The Organic Argan Oil: Rich in vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene, and essential fatty acids, this multi-function oil will moisturize and deeply nourish you skin and hair ($28).

The Organic Rose Hydrosol Facial Mist: Hydrosols contain exactly the same medicinal properties as essential oil. This Organic rose hydrosol will hydrate, refresh and soothe all skin types ($13). Keep chilled for a sensuous and deliciously refreshing feel.

The Skin Brightening Tonique: Packed with antioxidants, this organic rose hydrosol and aloe juice based toner is an instant drink of water for your thirsty and dry skin ($19).

100% Pure products are packaged in post consumer recycled materials. We use recycled soda cans for our blushes; we use recycled paper for our makeup palettes; we use recycled plastic and glass to package our skincare to name a few. All our labels are printed with non toxic soy ink.
We recycle everything and compost a lot, which is the reason why we have such a bountiful garden. We are vegan and don’t support any kind of animal consumption, including leather and animal fur make-up brushes,”
” shares Susie wang.

All these products are available at:

2983 College Ave

Berkeley, CA-94705

378 Santana Row

San Jose, CA-95128

You can also shop on line.

Last, but not least we love remind our readers about 100% Pure’s constant fight against animal cruelty. “In our industry, animals have been used for testing purposes and for their fur. Animals do not have a voice, but fortunately we can be their voice and united, we can demand and make a change,” states Wang.

For more info on the many uses of animal fur, check out PETA’s video of Chinese Fur Farms.

(3) Lucky winners will get the Organic Rose Hydrosol Facial Mist , Coffee Bean Eye Cream or Coconut Body Creams courtesy of 100% Pure.

Email us at: alice@stepintomygreenworld.com and enter code 100STEP. Contest ends September 23rd.

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  1. Nick Belloni says:

    With all the cold weather, and rushing from store to store shopping, it is good to keep my skin healthy. This is a great article. Thank you!

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