Top 10 uses for Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is something everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.

It is inexpensive and can come in handy. I can’t live with out it and know that you won’t either, once you discover its many uses.

Make sure you get organic Witch Hazel to get the full benefits.


Top 10 uses for Witch Hazel:

Face toner

Heals bruises faster

Natural deodorant

Soothe razor burn

Spot and blemish control

Shrinks under eyes puffiness

Soothes and reduces external hemorrhoids

Soothes poison ivy and poison oak and mosquito bites

Treats Sunburn

Varicose vein relief

You can buy it online at They make the very best.

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  1. Hi! I’ve been having “staying asleep” issues – as well as Allergies and Sinus problems — and have recently seen a significant increase in the bags under my eyes and at times even eyelids. I feel as though i am now getting a dark circle under each of my eyes as well. I started a liver cleanse now and drinking lemon water — but I was looking ofr topical remedies that i can use in the morning before i head out to work.

    How do you use witch hazel under the eyes or as a toner. Should i buy it in liquid or is there a “cream” that would work. I remember using witch hazel wipes after I delivered — is that what would work for this as well?
    thank you! :)

  2. Hello this is Thalia
    I am looking for remedies for my skin rash burn and itch. It has been almost a year and I cannot solve the problem. My rash continues. I hope you help me solve my skin rash. Thanks.

    • Hi Thalia,
      This will help. You should also use a shower filter, to remove the Chlorine. use organic and natural skin care products and try to detox. Check our recipes for smoothies, waters and juices. Hope this helps!

      • Hi thank for your reply me okay then I ask you what kind of best foundation bc I used mousse cream ??

  3. I’ve been using it mixed with Glycerin on my Psoriasis ….


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