Mega DIY flu and cold buster

Mega DIY flu and cold buster

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  2. Could you provide measurements for the size of 2 cup mason jar. It would really help for all the non Betty Crockers.

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  4. Nice article. Very informative. Keep posting.

  5. My grandmother and a close friend said to use the Honey from where you live. Mostly for Allergies but for flu’s and colds as well.

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  9. Hi,
    This is wonderful!!! Could you use ground ginger? I do not use a lot of raw ginger, though I almost bought some the other day lol. If you get the raw do you just grate it with a cheese grater? Sorry seems like a silly questions, but…

    • Hi Amy,
      Raw ginger is much better as it is fresh and you will get the “live” health benefits. Yes grate it as you would cheese. This DIY is potent and works. Thanks for visiting :D

  10. Sounds potent – but the instruction as far as the garlic is vague – 1/3 what? Teaspoon? Clove?

  11. Michael Combs says:

    do you add water or anything? sure doesn’t make very much

    • Please do not add water as it would be less potent, you need to double or triple the amount. it depends on how much you need , this is based on a 1 time serving.
      I usually make enough for 2 days and take it 3 times a day. This comes to 6 tablespoons…

  12. Mary Keller-Butler says:

    For the Mega DIY Flu & Cough Buster – what’s the amount for the garlic? Is it 1/3 of a clove, 1/3 t, 1/3 T, 1/3 c (hee, hee)? I just saw this recipe on facebook, and many people are asking about the amount of garlic. Thanks for your help.

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