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Five daily servings of fruits and vegetables are key to a longer life

As we like to remind you, eating organic foods is key to optimal health. Fresh organic foods are packed with antioxidants and unique nutrients that can keep the immune system in top shape. The nutrients in these organic foods can also help prevent and treat disease. We have already seen how eating more organic fruits and vegetables daily may reduce the risk of stroke. However, most Americans do not include these foods in their diet. ABC News reports: “Overall, about a third of American adults ate at least two servings of vegetables daily during 2009, and about a fourth consumed at least three servings of vegetables daily.” Dr. Mercola, a leading physician and health & nutrition expert believes that these foods are essential to our health. “Only about 26 percent of U.S. adults are eating three or more servings of vegetables a day,” Mercola said. “If...

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Best homemade eyelash growth stimulator remedy

Healthy living is a life style. It is about the organic foods you eat, the skin care you use and the homemade beauty remedies you include in your daily routine. Last but not least, healthy living is about the natural hair care you use. Eyelashes like hair can thin and lose their density. Overusing mascara and wearing fake eyelashes can also be the cause. Eyelash growth can vary, and can slow as we reach our prime. There are many eyelash growth stimulator products available on the market buy they contain synthetics and chemicals. Natural remedies are best as they are safe and free of harsh chemicals. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in this DIY eyelash growth stimulator. Coconut oil: According to a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Science “Coconut oil, being a triglyceride of lauric acid (principal fatty acid), has a high affinity for...

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6 reasons children get headaches and how to help them

Healthy living is all about the hair and skin care you use, the natural solutions to take care of your home and garden, and last but not least, the steps you take to keep your children healthy and happy. As the school year quickly approaches, parents will start to hear complaints from their kids about headaches. According to Nick DeBlasio, MD, a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Pediatric Primary Care Clinic, about 10% of children in school and up to 27% of teens suffer from headaches every once in a while. There are many causes for headaches. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has narrowed the list down to the six most common causes of headaches in children Dehydration: A lack of drinking water and other healthy fluids is a huge cause for headaches. This cause is even more prevalent during the summer when the weather is warmer...

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The coolest abbreviations we should all use

We always stress that healthy living is a life style. It is about the organic foods you eat, the hair and skin care you use and last but not least the natural solutions you select to clean and take care of your home and garden. But healthy living is about having fun, feeling love from our friends, and staying in touch with them, our family, and loved ones. We always recommend texting over talking on the phone because it reduces your exposure to harmful cellular radiation. Texting slang is always changing and it is important to stay on top of it so you can save time. Let’s take a look at 30 cool texting abbreviations we should all use. 1. BAE: Before Anyone Else. You may have seen this one, but didn’t know what it meant. It is used to describe a best friend or...

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Stars align in support of the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation 20th anniversary

With glamour and red carpet style the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation held its “Help Is On The Way” 20th anniversary gala. Powerful duo Joe Sieler and Kenneth Anderson are the forces behind this amazing event. The star-studded AIDS benefitted 4 Bay Area AIDS Service Organizations Abzyme Research Foundation, 
AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) 
and Positive Resource Center (PRC). The gala drew many San Francisco notables, socialites and VIPs eager to make a difference. Among them Traver Raines, Richie Rich, Andrew Christian, Ted Hanning and Joel Goodrich. Corporate Friend Awards were presented to Charles Schwab & Co., REAF’s founding sponsor of all 20 years, and to Wells Fargo for 19 years of continuous sponsorship. The Community Hero Award went to Donna Sachet. Guests and supporters enjoyed exquisite hors d’ oeuvres and award-winning wines while bidding on a wide range of silent auction items. Following suite the much awaited show...

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