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Eating more fish can increase good cholesterol levels

Eating wild salmon is a great way to get your Omega-3s. Omega-3s have antioxidant properties and can even boost the memory. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, “research suggests that eating oily fish once or twice a week may increase your lifespan by more than two years, and reduce your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 35 percent.” A new study conducted at the University of Eastern Finland shows that increasing the amount of fatty fish you consume increases HDL cholesterol, which is good cholesterol. The study was published in a journal called PLOS One. Eating fish has been known for a long time as beneficial to health, but the health effects of fat in fish is not fully understood. This study sheds light on the effects of fish consumption on the size of HDL cholesterol particles. HDL cholesterol, which is known as the good...

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Mother Earth gave us a meaningful smile: Earth Day San Francisco 2014

Earth Day San Francisco (EDSF) took place on Saturday, April 19 at the Civic Center Plaza and drew thousands eager to celebrate Mother Earth. The event marked the anniversary of the birth of the environmental movement started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in the 1970s and the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Producer of the festival is Douglas Kolberg, Principal of Green Zone Productions (GZP). “ We are proud to see so many people  who care about Earth Day and selected to celebrate with us,” states Kolberg. This year EDSF provided education, art, music and resources on how to lead a greener life. Activities ranged from  hands on Green Do-It-Yourself projects, Eco Fashion Shows, a Permaculture Village, Holistic Wellness Village, over 80 earth friendly vendors, electric cars display, Earth Day For Kids and so much more. As we know the goal for Earth Day Festival is not only to have fun, but to bring awareness and...

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Detrimental effects of watching television on sleep in young children

Do not ignore the power of a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep has become somewhat of a rarity these days. Sometimes, it is easy to believe that you can get by without an adequate amount of rest, but a lack of sleep can contribute to health risks in the long run, so it is important to make it a priority. A study from the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and Harvard School of Public Health following children from ages 6 months to about 8 years, found a consistent link between television viewing and a shorter amount of sleep. Having a television in the same room where a child sleeps was also associated with shorter sleep duration. This study was published in the May issue of Pediatrics, and it is the first study in several years to examine the link between television viewing and sleep. The...

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Easy holistic energy muscle technique for diagnosing common ailments

 “Acupressure is an ancient healing art using the fingers to gradually press key healing points, which stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities.” Acupressure is used to relieve a variety of stress related conditions, and is often used to help boost the immune system. It helps release tension, increases blood circulation, reduces pain, and strengthens spirituality. Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., a 30 year natural health practitioner believes that using a similar technique, common ailments such as food allergies, environmental allergies, insomnia, stress, and anxiety can be diagnosed at home. Let’s look at Mincolla’s guide, as seen on Dr. Oz. Note: The content on our website is for educational purposes only. Please consult your health practitioner or a qualified expert. Accupressure: What you need to know. REFERENCES: 1. “What Is Acupressure?”, n.d. Web. 15 July 2013. 2. “Muscle Testing Technique Instructions.” The Dr. Oz Show. N.p.,...

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