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Top 5 fat-burning foods

Our motto is: Eating organic foods is key to optimal health. Fresh organic foods are packed with antioxidants and unique nutrients that can keep your immune system in top shape. The nutrients in these organic foods can also help prevent & treat disease, and help us lose weight. There are so many weight loss diets and dietary pills available today that it can get confusing and be dangerous to your health. Please consult your health practitioner before taking any supplements. Natural organic foods are the best way to burn fat, because they are safe and promote overall health. Let’s take a look at five fat burning foods. 1. Almonds: Almonds are excellent sources of calcium, vitamin E, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Scientists at Purdue University’s Department of Foods and Nutrition published a report in the September 2008 issue of “The Journal of...

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Fruit and vegetable wash giveaway

Our  giveaway this time is: The fruit and vegetable wash from Earth Friendly Products. It is essential to wash your veggies and fruits to remove wax, chemicals, dirt and toxic pesticides. Made with the purest of ingredients this wash is  gentle, non-toxic, biodegradable and chemical-free. Your food will taste the way nature intended it to be. For more on the The fruit and vegetable wash  This item can be shipped in the US only. Giveaway ends August, 30th, 2014. You need to take 2 healthy steps in order to win: 1. Email: and enter this code: STEPin2EFPFVW 2. Comment here and tell us why YOU should win.  ...

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Eating red meat may increase risk of breast cancer

Like we always say, eating organic foods is key to optimal health. Fresh organic foods are packed with antioxidants and unique nutrients that can keep the immune system in top shape. The nutrients in these organic foods can also help prevent and treat disease. We have seen how processed meats increase risk of an early death. Harvard studies have also linked red meat to heart disease and cancer. A large scale Nurses Health Study is now showing that red meat may increase risk of breast cancer as well. The study, which was published in BMJ, observed over 88,000 women between the ages of 26 and 45. The women in the study who consumed more red meat had a 20% increased risk of developing breast cancer over the next two decades. In the study, Harvard researchers observed the diets of the participants and asked them to list...

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Trees may save your life and help you breathe better

Healthy living is a life style. It is about the environment you live in, the hair and skin care you use, the food you eat and water you drink. Environment is a huge part of healthy living, and the healthy steps you take to make your environment healthier will not only help you, but everyone around you. In the first wide-scale estimate directed to the effects of trees on air pollution, scientists and collaborators from the U.S. Forest Service have calculated that trees are saving over 850 lives per year. They have also calculated an estimated 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms prevented by trees. Though the average air quality improvement of trees was only about 1%, the impact of that percent alone is incredibly significant. The U.S. Forest Service researchers have estimated the health benefits of the air pollution removal of trees to about...

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Why you should drink coffee before working out

Eating real foods, organic foods and drinking organic healthy beverages is key to reaching optimal health. Organic tea has always been considered the drink of choice, yet coffee has been the subject of much controversy in the health world. Things are changing and several studies are now showing that drinking organic coffee provides many health benefits. We have already seen how drinking coffee may be good for the liver. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day. Let’s look at why you should drink coffee before working out. Better blood circulation: According to Health magazine, recent Japanese research observed the blood circulation in participants who were not coffee drinkers. Each of the participants was given a 5-ounce cup of coffee (either regular or decaf). The scientists then measured blood flow in the participants and...

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